Judging a book by its cover

Francis Fukuyama – The End Of History And The Last Man

The olden days-type picture is pretty off-putting as if I was going to write a book about The End Of History I would probably draw something exploding, or perhaps someone setting fire to Simon Schama. Also I don’t think Francis Fukuyama has thought this through very clearly because although all history is in the past and so it is The End Of History now, tomorrow me writing this review will also be history so when I just said it is The End Of History now I was wrong because it was not The End Of History as it turns out. I apologise for the confusion.

But if it is about a future End Of History And The Last Man, I don’t understand why there are quite a few men on the cover. Also they are all historical men from the past? Maybe they are all actually future ladies from the future because in the future ladies can sometimes look like men thanks to Germaine Greer inventing something called feminism.

I cannot recommend this book as I am more confused after looking at the cover than before I had looked at the cover. That penguin has turned up again though, which is nice.

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