Stand-up Things

A complete survey of the available Nicolas Cage-related biographical literature (Book Showoff)

As performed at Waterstones Tottenham Court Road onĀ 24th June 2016. Apologies that you can see quite a lot of my arse at the beginning.



Myers-Briggs Testing The Tube @ Wikimedia Conference 2014

This was the second performance version of this enduringly stupid bit of #content, sadly only captured on audio given it’s probably the only time I’ll perform on the main Barbican stage.

It was part of the Geek Show-off “fun” bit of the Wikipedia conference. Jimmy Wales wished us luck before we went on. The audience was mostly comprised of people tapping away on their laptops.

Our Game Podcasts

One Life Left: Our Game

Last year’s run of Europe’s biggest award-losing video games radio show include a semi-regular series of contributions from a manĀ called Mick Rossiter. You can find them archived below:

One Life Left: Our Game #1

One Life Left: Our Game #2

One Life Left: Our Game #3

One Life Left: Our Game #4

This year Mick may be writing further letters to One Life Left, which can be heard on Resonance 104.4 FM every Monday at 7PM, or on the internet. No, I have never heard of Chris Morris, who is he?

Podcasts Things

Talking about fish paste and eating out-of-date snacks on Shift Run Stop

Guest appearance on the excellent (if now somewhat irregularly released) Shift Run Stop podcast, which if memory serves involved sitting somewhere on the Southbank eating Japanese kitkats.