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Bollards (City of London Showoff)

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How (Not) To Write A Sequel To Lord Of The Rings (The Over-Analyser’s Book Club)

CityMetric Journalism Stand-up

12 things we learned by reading every single National Rail timetable (CityMetric)

I did some data-mining to work out what longest sequence of stops in progressive alphabetical order within a single rail journey is, among other thrilling train-based statistics.

I then performed a live version of the piece at the British Library.


Stand-up Things

A complete survey of the available Nicolas Cage-related biographical literature (Book Showoff)

As performed at Waterstones Tottenham Court Road on 24th June 2016. Apologies that you can see quite a lot of my arse at the beginning.



Myers-Briggs Testing The Tube @ Wikimedia Conference 2014

This was the second performance version of this enduringly stupid bit of #content, sadly only captured on audio given it’s probably the only time I’ll perform on the main Barbican stage.

It was part of the Geek Show-off “fun” bit of the Wikipedia conference. Jimmy Wales wished us luck before we went on. The audience was mostly comprised of people tapping away on their laptops.