Judging a book by its cover

Water For Elephants: A Novel

From the looks of things this is a book about a circus which is pretty stupid as circuses are not really as good as Alton Towers or PlayStation.

I think that it is clever that they have put “A Novel” in the title of this book so you know that is a novel and not puzzles or a manual; I think this is a very helpful idea that more books should consider to avoid unnecessary confusion in these times of doubt and uncertainty.

I do not like that there are no elephants on the cover of this book even though there are Elephants in the title as I like elephants even though they are scary I think I would like one to be my friend and share peanuts with me and also fly.

Apparently they have made this book into a film with the man who is a vampire in September the 11th so I would advise you to watch that instead as there is probably music and colours in it.

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